Each Layani cue is guaranteed against manufacturing errors, problems caused by warping or fall and misuse are not covered by the warranty. We recommend the use of the cue protectors for shafts and the bottom end and regular maintenance of the cue.
This warranty applies only to the first buyer of the cue.

To obtain maximum benefit from the conical closure is a correct treatment of essential. About once per month, or more often if necessary, submit the both parts of the buckle with a soft cloth and pure alcohol be cleaned to remove dust and dirt from the inside surface and on the male cone can accumulate. Also, one should, at all times, at the disposal of the cue to make use of the keubeschermers. This way you are ensured at all times of a perfect passing and a perfect ball contact.
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The conical joint is the result of a new technology that is based on the simplest but most effective mechanical structure, the cone. The joint consists of a male cone of linen formaldehyde material and a female cone of stainless steel. The two cones are attached to each other and held together by a 5/16-18 inch screw bolt. Between the two parts of the conical joint is a pussy, that gives the impression that the shaft not correct is confirmed, but in fact it is precisely this pussy that ensures that the female and the male cone exactly fit together. The joint is manufactured using a CNC-machine, with tolerances such that all shafts are interchangeable.
The conical joint is designed to ensure perfect coaxial passing between the shaft and the lower end during the bumping. A conical Assembly is, by definition, zelfrichtend and self-centering and will not be easy go awry during the bumps, because there is no pressure and pull forces. Because of the vibrations which arise in the jerk, always a standard joint pressure forces on one side and pull forces on the other side of the joint action. In a conical joint cones try during the punches to pull together instead of driving back together, as that is the case with a standard joint. This is the reason why the pen has no mechanical function, unlike a standard joint, where the pen is that the cue holds together. A composite joint in this way has influence on the energy transfer and on the vibration that the player feels.
The conical joint provides a five times greater contact surface between the shaft and the lower end, so that the force can be bumped. It still feels this joint smooth and pleasant, completely different than a standard joint of stainless steel. Many players find that the cue powerful and lively port, what a large part is because the strong vibrations that usually on the spot of the joint are observed at this joint are muted. The shot of this cue is very easy to customize, and many players say they immediately feel good when they play this cue went. In addition, all interchangeable shafts, since all cones together.
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