Amalfi Orange

Amalfi Orange
Amalfi Orange
Amalfi Orange
Amalfi Orange
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Longoni * Ferrara  Billard Queue
The Longoni Ferrara carom cues are built with Hornbeam wood that gives you great playability and stability over the years.
It is a simple model that is the best selling model in the Longoni range.

This cue is sold with one shaft of your choice.

The weight of the cue can vary depending on the woods used. We will do our best to get to your preferred weight range. For best results, we suggest that you order the official weight kit so you can make your own weight adjustments. (Check its box in the left column and it will be added to the cart along with your cue).
Garantie        2 Jahre
Queuesorte        Dreiband / Libre
Griffband        Ohne griffband
Queue design        Naturalholz
Gewinde        Longoni WJ
Oberteile form        Eiffel oder Conical
Oberteile Länge        67 cm / 70.5 cm
Klebeleder Durchmesser        11 / 12 mm
Queueleder        Da Vinci


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