Magic Chalk 2 stuck

per doosje best chalk ever, super on the tip and almost no spots on the ball

Magic Chalk 2 stuck
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From deep in the heart of the Motherland, comes the one and only, Magic Chalk! This high performance chalk from across the sea comes in a rich blue in boxes of 2 cubes.

Billiard Performance - These Professionals Pool Players use Magic Chalk, and are NOT paid endorsers. How strong is that !!

Alex Pagulayan
John Brumback


1. Rated number ONE chalk by independent testing
2. Less miscues, chalk stays on tip better than any other brand
3. Can shoot off center shots and draw shots more consistently
4. Can chalk after each shot or each game. Choice is yours
5. Does not make a mess on cue ball, table, shaft or your hands

Billiard chalk test conducted by Dr. Dave Alciator, billiards author, instructor and college professor. Take a look below at the results against the "other" brands.  

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