EB Pro Classic VP2 joint

per stuk free extension 20cm, 2 shafts

EB Pro Classic VP2 joint
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EB Pro Classic

cues for Classic games like Libre, Cadre

weigth butt ca. 375gr, 2x shafts 68,5cm long with ca.11,5mm tipsize weight ca.115gram
balance point from cue is 47cm from butt-end now with are free extension 20cm weight 110gram

Cues are made from high quality wood and rings, also shafts are high quality with less flex


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EB Pro Classic VP2 joint
새로운 큐를 샀고, 큐는 손에 슈퍼입니다. 큐가 Libre와 Kader를위한 슈퍼 밸런스를 가지고 있기 때문에 490 그램을 느끼지 못합니다., 백설공주는 연주 할 때 매우 즐겁고 뻣뻣하고 뻣뻣합니다.
저렴한 가격에 클래스 큐와 무료 확장, 그리고 나는 그것에 매우 만족합니다.
EB Pro Classic VP2 joint
Bought the new Classic cue, the cue feels super in the hand. One does not feel the 490 grams because cue has a super balance for Libre and Kader, the Snow White shafts nice and stiff which is very pleasant when playing.

Super cue at low price and you get are free extension, and I am super satisfied with it.