Pool Buffalo Pro II

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Pool Buffalo Pro II
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Buffalo Pro-II

  • Competition table with the best price/quality ratio!

    This totally renewed Buffalo Pro-II pool table is the result of years of experience. The customizations are established in consultation with several top players from all over the world. This makes that the Buffalo Pro-II is the ideal table for clubs & rooms. Suitable for daily and intensive use!
    This Buffalo Pro is EPBF inspected and available in Brown and black (in only 8 feet black version with drop pockets!). Choose from the listcolor "you want your". Highest quality cloth is standard if you choose options for "blue-green".
    By default, this model equipped with drop pockets, what makes that the player must run after each frame around the table in order to collect the balls from the 6 pockets. If you choose "Balls tray" option with built-in wrapping system all potted balls count getting back to the kopzijde of the table, what setting for the next frame facilitates considerably. (all photos are with balls tray)
    This table is entirely dismountable, what allows to place them in basement or attic.

    This is no inventory item. Lead time calculation = max. 12 weeks. Higher prices drawn up in a radius of 50 km of Maasgouw  -Beegden NL-ground floor-.
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playing field
exterior dimensions
necessary space
8 feet
3-piece 25 mm
3275,00 €
9 feet
3-piece 25 mm
3750,00 €


Pool Brown                                                                Pool Black



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