Adam Supremacy Sapporo 2SHFT

Adam Supremacy Sapporo 2SHFT
640.00 *Preise inkl. MwSt.
Cue 2 pc.Adam Supremacy Sapporo

*Top quality billiard cue in maple

*Butt: combination of inlays and decals
*Cue tip: Kamui / ferrule: cerocite
*Double joint
*Adaptable screw weight
*Screw-thread for extension
*Suitable for cadre/libre, 3-cushions and bumper pool
*Standard delivered with 2x shafts of 11mm (480 till 500g)
*Standard delivered with 2x shafts of 12mm (510 till 520g)
*Options for shaft: 11 and 12mm

*With free Adam Accu-Loc Quick Release 27cm