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Longoni Zanetti Passione Earth

Longoni Zanetti Passione Earth

VP2-T schroefverbinding, 3Lobite Installed, gratis verzekerde verzending

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Longoni Zanetti Passione Earth

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Product added May 12 2012

Price from € 1073,90

2012 - An Italian masterpiece for the Italian two times world champion.
Passione is a unique combination of ebony, lacewood, curly maple and the beautiful Italian olivewood.
It took almost one year of work to arrive to the final version of this project: meeting, designs and a deep analysis to reach the perfect balance of weights and colours.

Passione is now ready for your game, with elegance and exclusivity.

29171 Joint VP2T Earth Pro2+
29173 Joint VP2T Earth S2

Including: Longoni Black Cue Bag, Joint Protectors,

Butt Min Weight: 390gr
Shafts: two