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Longoni Intuition - by Martin Horn

Longoni Intuition - by Martin Horn

Wooden Joint, 3Lobite capable

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Longoni Intuition - by Martin Horn

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2012 - Be INSPIRED playing with INTUITION" - Martin Horn
One of the most classic and elegant cue in the range of the custom pro cues.
Foreharm and lower ring are made out of african ebony wood, handgrip out of curly European maple wood.
The upper and lower rings are made of Elforyn, the best Ivory imitation in the world. Middle rings are made of chess like turquoise and nickel-silver.
Top balance and playbility.

Used woods: black ebony, curly maple, hard maple

25970 Pro2+ shafts for 3c
25972 Pro67 shafts for 3c
24301 S2 E71 shafts for 3c

Including: Longoni Black Cue Bag, Joint Protectors,

Butt Min Weight: 390gr
Shafts: two