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Longoni Fantasia - Jean Reverchon

Longoni Fantasia - Jean Reverchon

VP2-T schroefverbinding, 3Lobite Installed. Top Pro2+ 71, gratis verzekerde verzending

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€ 1086.61


Longoni Fantasia - Jean Reverchon

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2012 - Jean Reverchon masterpiece now available also for the 3 cushion dicipline.
Standard with the Vp2 titanium joint this cue has a very similar design to the Artistique one.
Solid feeling in the hit and top playbility.

Used woods: cocobolo, curly maple, ebony, hornbeam

24322 Pro2+ E71 shafts for 3c

Including: Longoni Black Cue Bag, Joint Protectors,

Butt Min Weight: 390gr
Shafts: two