Euro Billiards put a own cue brand on the market under the name EB Pro cues:
our rationale for this are that we want to give the customer more choice, now one has at most brands only choice in model, weight and shaft type and thickness.
Often indicates that this is not good and that what is good is there don’t  like the model, or cue is not available the desired weight.

All cues are complete handmade with Uni-loc joint same as Predator,
This can be done with the wide choice of inlay colors.

We having first models with a Uni-Lock connection tests whether one could live up to our requirements, the specification and Pardus has the cues made exactly according to the specifications as perfect cue .
the cues feels with  good balance are Light in the hands despite the 470gr and 490gr.

The cues are made according to your wishes, length, thickness and weight of butt and shafts,  balance point cue, wood species,
colors of inlay butt and shaft, length, height ferrule  Cerocite, all kind of tips, butt rings in white, black, wood and metal species listed  .

on these cues  there is a delivery time of ca. 2 to3 months, we ask a deposit of 50% if you place an order by email or phone before poduction from cue.